Ny Nilpeter till danska Green-Label 

Danska Green-Label, en mångårig kund till Nilpeter, har köpt ännu en Nilpeter FA-17 tryckpress.

Den nya åttafärgs FA-17 pressen har det nya register- och film applikationspaketet, snabbsystem för tillägg av värdeskapande tryckenheter, mjukupprullning, UV-laminering och en rad andra nyheter. FA-linjen kännetecknas av enkelt handhavande både för etikettjobb och flexibla förpackningar med snabb set up och jobbyten.

Green-Label investerar för att möta ökad efterfrågan och installationen sker under tredje kvartalet i år.

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Tailored for Quick Turnarounds
– The new press is tailored for quick turnarounds, and a perfect fit for the majority of our orders; 6-7-8 colours with lamination, setup, go. Changing from one six-colour job to another typically takes around 15 minutes – that’s as fast, if not faster, than on our smaller machines. That’s why we bought it, and we’re positive it will add to our flexibility and competitiveness, says co-owner of Green-Label, Claus Grønning.

– We’ve seen the reliability of the FA-17 first hand, and the limited need for service. Colour change, sleeve change etc. is very easy, the user friendliness is way up there, and the print quality is second-to-none. And obviously, having all the sleeves, dies, and tooling from the first press is an added bonus, he continues.

– This latest press installation makes five in total from the popular FA-Line program at Green-Label, and we are very pleased to continue the great, long-standing relationship. In the past three months we have sold three FA-Line presses to three Danish label printers, who have all experienced decent growth in spite of recent COVID-19 challenges, says Jesper Jørgensen, Global Sales Manager, Nilpeter A/S.

The first FA-17, installed in August 2017, hit the ground running with a crisp-bag collaboration between specialists in pre-press, material, press, inks, and curing. The result was on display at LabelExpo Europe 2017. This press has since been fitted with a cross-over unit and lamination tower, among other equipment upgrades, to better serve customers with more advanced, high specialty jobs and projects.

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