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Sealed Air Svenska AB

We are in business to protect, to solve critical packaging challenges, and to leave our world better than we found it.

Sealed Air's CRYOVAC® Brand Food Packaging solutions create a more efficient, secure and less wasteful global food supply chain.

Our Protective Packaging solutions include AUTOBAG® rand range of automated packaging systems, and BUBBLE WRAP® brand, which enhance commerce through fulfillment and packaging solutions to protect the worldwide movement of goods.

Sealed Air provides the broadest portfolio of packaging solutions which serve a wide range of industries. Our Food Care solutions are used globally for the packaging of Fresh Red Meat, Smoked and Processed Meats, Poultry, Convenience Foods, Bakery and Snacks, Seafood and Food Service.

Sealed Air Protective Packaging solutions include automated packaging systems, postal solutions, surface protection, void-fill solutions, blocking & bracing, cushioning solutions and temperature controlled solutions.

Fakta om Sealed Air Svenska AB

Sealed Air Svenska AB
Norra Industriomradet
PO Box 146
Påtorpsvägen 2
578 32

578 32 Aneby

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Telefon: +46 380 471 17

VAT nummer: SE556209897901

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