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Hedlunda + Jowat + Evomatic Shape Process Automation

Reliable and consistent high-quality bonding results can only be achieved if the different parameters of each manufacturing process are taken into account when choosing the right adhesive. Scaling up from manual production to automated manufacturing requires a deep understanding of the application itself. In this case, there were many parameters that would work together to achieve a satisfactory end result.

The collaboration between Jowat and the Swedish manufacturer of wooden furniture, Hedlunda Industri AB in Lycksele, once again demonstrates the ability of the supplier of industrial adhesives to meet these changing needs. An innovative adhesive from Jowat takes on the challenges of automated packaging processes easily and in close cooperation with the customer. In this particular case, the product Jowat-Toptherm® 851.20 has been used.

Jowat-Toptherm® 851.20 is popular with users all over the world and in the last 1.5 years has gained a global spread in many different packaging segments. Much thanks to its clean processing characteristics and uncomplicated handling and use.
This is the product for those of you who are looking for very short pressing times, a strong adhesive joint that can also handle high temperatures with ease.

Jowat-Toptherm® 851.20 shows with its strength a convincing end result that ensures that your packaging is kept intact all the way from manufacturing to the end customer.

"It is an impressive product that can deliver in demanding situations", simply concludes Per-Anders Lindgren at Jowat Scandinavia AB, who has been responsible for this project since the beginning. This, in combination with a very good cooperation between all parties involved, has made it possible for this project to land very stable.

If you are interested in looking at a collaboration with us at Jowat or know more about our 851 series, you can contact Per-Anders Lindgren at Jowat Scandinavia AB.

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