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Emission-reduced Adhesives by Jowat

Home is the place where you should feel comfortable and safe. You can get closer to this goal with pollutant reduced Jowat adhesives. Low plasticizers and reduced emissions– with Jowat low-emission adhesives, you make a decisive contribution to the protection of your customers.


For years, healthy living has increasingly come into focus among end consumers when it comes to house construction, interior design and furnishing. The long-term consequences that plasticizers, formaldehyde and other ingredients can leave behind are well known – accordingly, choosing the right adhesive makes a major contribution to the safety of users and end users.


Pollutant-reduced adhesives: from Jowat Green Adhesives

Sustainability is diverse. It is not always just a matter of conserving resources. Responsibility for users and end users is also part of a conscious, "green" bonding process. Therefore, low-emission adhesives are an important part of the Jowat Green Adhesive portfolio.

Emission reduced (ER) adhesives with very low emissions of formaldehyde, plasticizers and other ingredients support manufacturers in the production and bonding of low-emission products. For a contribution to environmental and customer protection.

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