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Stringing-free bonding: clean and sustainable

Machines soiled with adhesive lead to time-consuming cleaning and maintenance. Stringing is an often-observed undesirable side effect, where the adhesive bead is not properly cut off at the nozzle and pulls a fine string of hot melt down the line. We from Jowat have a few simple tips for optimization which make packaging processes cleaner and save resources.

Hot melt adhesives for packaging closing are a success story: the long-term efficiency, flexibility and process reliability are unrivaled. During the process, nozzles apply dots or beads of hot adhesive onto the surfaces to be bonded. This often has an undesired side effect, where the applied adhesive is pulling behind it a fine string of material from the nozzle. A widely used euphemism for this problem is angel hair. Experts in the field call it stringing.

In the attached guide we share a few simple tips for cleaner and re-source saving packaging processes that includes less cleaning and maintenance. 

  • Identify the problem

  • Optimizing the process

  • The influcence of the equipment

  • Adhensive change can be an opportunity


Do you have any questions or want to know more about our products within packaging?

Visit: https://www.jowat.com/sv-SE/tillaempningar/livsmedels-och-konsumentvaruindustrin/slutfoerpackning/limning-trag/

Contact ; Christofer Malmros  -  +46 737 384 703 or  send an email to: christofer.malmros@jowat.se 

In the beginning of 2024 we will share an optimal portfolio regarding low stringing behaviour.  Stay Tuned!

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