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PUspec24/7™ from your local partner with a global network 

Network exemples: • Join a Microsoft Teams meeting on the RealWear Head Mounted Tablet • RFQ - best quotation with IRONJAW's increased clamping force  

PU Consulting AB offers the consultant and distribution services of PUspec24/7™. We are your local partner with a global netwok. 

Two examples from the network :

Join a Microsoft Teams meeting on the RealWear head  mounted tablet . PU Consultign AB have worked > 10 years from a distance. We help your oganisaiotn to  be more effective  and offer RealWear as a cetified  distributor including  support and installation from PU Consulting AB.

RFQ  winner. We offer injectionmoulders IRONJAW's increased clamping force . Install more cavities in the moulds and cast in your old smaller machines. 


Contact PU Consulting AB  for more information about PUspec24/7™



PU Consulting AB
Ventilgatan 6
212 41 Malmö
Malmö stad
VAT nummer: SE5568599293


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