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12 Videos Industrial Machine Vision & Fixed scanner

How to use - Examples: Machine vision & fixed industrial scanning systems must be so simple to use that every worker can operate them, regardless of tech savviness. See our video examples for a Flawless Automation

A single unified software platform Zebra Aurora™
If you’re curious how industrial automation can help you solve your current challenges – please have a view of how you easily can use tools from Zebra via a single unified software platform – The Zebra Aurora™, it brings a new level of elegance and simplicity to controlling enterprise-wide manufacturing and logistics automation solutions. This powerful interface makes it easy to set up, deploy and run all of Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanners and Machine Vision Smart Cameras, while eliminating the need for different applications.

See video for the software platform Zebra Aurora™ here:

Examples Industrial Machine Vision & Fixed scanner
The human eye isn’t trained to see details at the same level as vision technologies, and the human brain simply can’t process data at the same rate as machinesInspired by the demands of floor operations and built on the foundation of field-proven innovation, Zebra solutions are designed to transform logistics and manufacturing operations from day one. 

Example of a challenge:
Raw materials, finished goods and packaged orders are moving quickly from one point to the next, forcing us to process information even faster. We are also being asked to make on-the-fly decisions that no one should have to make – at least not on their own. But we can’t slow down the assembly line or warehouse conveyance belt. And we can’t always assign more people to help with quality control inspections.

Solution: We can speed up our image processing capacity, improve our judgement, and maximize our available human capital by automating many of the visual inspection and decision–making processes. This will allow us to re-task and redeploy human assets to other critical business functions so all processes can move smoothly and efficiently in unison. For example, cameras and sensors can check for production and packing compliance against our set design schemas to keep those that pass inspection moving on to packing and shipping teams. And the quality control team can focus exclusively on investigating and resolving the root cause of failed inspections.

View our videos Examples Industrial Machine Vision – ” How to”  
Elevate quality and drive production performance with Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanning and Machine Vision Solutions. See our examples how you easily can handle the fixed scanners within Machine Vision

Link to all videos:

We offer a flawless automation with:
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