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NEW version: Hirschmann Operating System (HiOS) V9.0

The HiOS software increases the power and performance of its Industrial Ethernet switches. HiOS software supports various security mechanisms, comprehensive management and diagnostic methods, precise time synchronization and redundancy protocols.

Seamlessly manage and secure modern industrial networks
HiOS enables seamless integration into industrial control systems by meeting automation network requirements, supporting multiple communication protocols and leveraging TimeSensitive Networking (TSN) technology.

Operating System (HiOS) V9.0 – Industrial Ethernet switches
The new version HiOS V9.0 offers a new responsive GUI for use with desktops, tablets, and phones. In addition, QinQ is available for GRS106, GRS1040, MSP40 and OS3. 

  • Security: Comprehensive functionality to build a secure network foundation
    Redundancy: Multiple technologies to match industrial network topologies, including MRP, MSTP, PRP, HSR, DLR and VRRP.
  • Future Proof: Regular software updates, plus a brand-agnostic, built-in OPC UA server to bridge communication between all levels of automation. .
  • Real-Time Communication: Free, embedded and easily configurable TSN functionality with no special hardware, software or knowledge required.

--> Download datasheet here

HiOS is designed for use in industrial applications, providing customers with the information they need to supervise network infrastructure and resolve network problems quickly. It provides a communication bridge between all levels of the automation architecture, from embedded components on the factory floor to the enterprise.

For time-critical applications, HiOS enables manufacturers to run TSN protocols on offthe-shelf industrial Ethernet BOBCAT switches. With no added cost or components, network administrators can use these switches to transmit data from different applications on the same network.

HiOS runs on the following switch families: DRAGON MACH, GREYHOUND, OCTOPUS, MSP, RSP, RSPL/RSPS/RSPE, BRS, RED, RDD, EES, and EESX.

HiOS was developed specifically to meet the requirements of industrial networks. Examples include:

  • Automotive production
  • Transportation
  • Power transmission & distribution
  • Oil & gas
  • Water and wastewater
  • Renewable energy
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • General manufacturing
  • Machine building
  • Video surveillance

Read more Benefits and download datasheet here

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