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Arcwise presents new multipack concept

| Medlemsnyhet | Företag SCA Arcwise

The Arcwise Multipack concept provides means to fight plastic waste. The top collar offers an area for promotion and provides stability in transport and end-use situations. The solutions can be packed in automatic packaging lines.

Environmental considerations have never been as relevant as they are today and consumers are making more conscience choices. Moving away from plastic wrapping to a more sustainable solution will reduce your CO-2 footprint and will avoid that microplastics end up in the ocean.

Based on insights from the beverage sector, we are proud to present the Arcwise Multipack concept. This is a result of a development project that has been going on during the last 18 months. The multipack concept applied on a 6-pack of 50 cl cans will give up to 23% reduction of the CO-2 footprint compared to a shrink film solution. 

The solutions can be packed in automatic packaging lines from established packaging machine suppliers. The innovative design creates attention at point of sale

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